How to Accessorize Your Baby In a Sound Manner


How to Accessorize Your Baby: Less is more

How to Accessorize Your BabySometimes parents tend to overthink it when trying to dress their kids in stylish ways but you don’t have to. When accessorizing, think less is more. One statement piece can go a long way. For newborn babies flashy complicated outfits might not be the best choice since comfort is key, so a little baby headband accessory or a ribbon can go a long way to jack up an outfit. For toddlers, one statement piece like a bow tie, belt or hat or even a colorful shoe can make all the difference. When you use too many accessories, the outfit becomes too busy and gets lost in translation.

Dressing up a baby can be a very exciting and magical experience for a parent. Putting different outfits together, mixing and matching, being creative and styling babies and toddlers, it’s all a fun and joy-filled process. Some parents like to be daring and go all out and some want to but are not sure how to. So below we are going to discuss different ways on how to style your baby and let their personality shine through with their outfits.


Baby BlingGet creative with items already in your child’s closet. If you’re the crafty type this will busy and if you’re not, a short youtube tutorial will go a long way. You can repurpose items like tuning a denim dress into a skirt or repurposing a ribbon into a hand band. There are a plethora of ideas on Pinterest that you can play around with. And when you make an accessory yourself it becomes even more personal for you and your child and becomes a sentimental piece. If you have a toddler, you can involve them in the process too to get them excited about wearing the piece after they help make it.

Don’t leave out the boys

Baby BlingShopping for boys can be hard and sometimes boring because there isn’t a lot of variety out there for boys but it doesn’t have to be so. You can accessorize boys too with statement pieces to jack up their style and confidence. Have you seen a little baby boy or toddler in a bow tie or in a fedora hat? Imagine how cute and scrumptious. You can also accessorize with shoes, belts, watches or even jewelry. And if you’re the daring parent, give your kid a statement haircut to jack up every look he serves. You can also accessorize with suspenders, backpacks, baseball hats, colorful socks etc

Use headbands

Baby BlingI mentioned headbands earlier but they deserve to be talked about even more. Baby Headbands are an important and highly precious piece of baby fashion. They are a gift to parents. Headbands are beautiful, easy to use and make a statement. Baby headbands come in different colors and options such as bows, flowers, colorful bonnets etc. As with a lot of other baby accessories in recent years, baby headbands have picked up more interest. More people are talking about them and more people want them.

Express with fashion

Baby Bling

While picking out outfits, accessorizing and styling your babies and toddlers don’t forget to let their personality shine through. Kids can be quirky so every once in awhile you can let them take the driver’s seat in choosing what they want to wear. Some kids might want to be a princess for the day and that’s ok. Let them wear a tiara, carry a cane or dress up like Spiderman. This will bring them joy and build up their confidence. Happy kids happy life.

Play With Colors

How to Accessorize Your BabySometimes you don’t need a statement accessory but a statement color. A pop of color in an outfit can do just as well or even more than an accessory in making an outfit stand out. Mix and match colors and play with a piece. Go neutral but pick one item to be a primary color and watch it transform a basic outfit into something with personality and style. You can also use your kids favorite color or colors so the outfit reflects their style even more. Go for colorful socks, shoes, headbands, tights etc. But remember, less is more. When pairing colors, use the rule of 3. Don’t use more than three colors in the entire outfit.

Hopefully, these tips will help you be more confident when styling your kids. Don’t forget to try new things and let your kid’s personality and sense of style shine through.